Stainless Steel Prices – Summer Recap

Global HRC pricesSteel mills in Europe are attempting to implement price hikes nation wide that could affect USA sales of raw metal.  However, if outputs are cut more sufficiently, supply then could rise causing an increase in price for raw metal.  Any pickup in activity is likely to be short lived and only temporarily.  Producers may also lose any gains they secured in previous quarters of this year.

A more obvious upward trend is within selling figures to predict and commence around the turn of the year.  Distributors are expected to rebuild empty inventory in preparation for a season upturn in manufacturing and purchasing.  As business are improving credit restrictions and spending increases there should be a rising momentum in steel prices.  A better economic status will help boost raw materials in early 2014.  Moreover, the top price cycle forecast is to occur in the spring before transaction values fall as the seasonal holiday approaches faster.

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