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Valtorc International's flow control valves including our v-ball valves are a key technology used in the water and waste industry.  Our AWWA and PVC valves are ideal for eveiromental protextion, water storage, reuse/water recycling, industrial water procesess and various water supply treatment systems.  Valtorc's diverse product line allows for low pressure economical PVC valves to serve next to the highest required pressure rating of our AWWA butterfly valves.

Many organizations and government agencies rely on Valtor's waste water valves.  The selection of PVC valves range from 1/2" up to over 24" in size (butterfly valve applications).  The high quality standards of our PVC valves are also sanitary for drinking water, high purity water, demineralized water and desalination processes including thermal process, reverse osmosis and EDR process.

Some of Valtorc's key performing and highly demanded sanitary valves are listed exclusive for the water, waste and water recycling industries.


AWWA Butterfly Valve General Purpose

Series 1500 AWWA Butterfly Valves

Materials Offered:  316 Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

Sizing Options:  3" up to 36" with additional actuation options (electric of pneumatic)

Key Benefits:  Our AWWA (American Water Works Act) general purpose industrial butterfly valve offer a bubble tight shut off against full rated pressure.  The AWWA butterfly valve's are constructed per AWWA C504 standards and are suitable for bi-directional shut off and throttling service.  These valves are ideal for clean and dirty water and gases.  With a corrosion resistant shaft and stainless steel stem and adjustable and replaceable seats.

General use AWWA (American Water Works Act) butterfly valve series available  in a double flanged, mechanical join styles. 150PSIG, 250PSIG working pressure; bi-directional design. Epoxy coated ductile iron with 304 or 316 stainless steel disc. EPDM, BUNA N, Viton, Silicone and various other seat materials available.

PVC V Ball Port Valve

Series VP-70 PVC V-Ball Valves

Materials Offered:  PVC, CPVC

Sizing Options:  1/4" up to 6" with additional actuation options (electric of pneumatic)

Key Benefits:  PVC and CPVC V-Ball valves are made from high grade PVC materials available in sizes from 1/2" - 6" in NPT, (threaded) and flanged connection ends. The angle rotation is up to 90 degrees and the valve body can be rotated 360 degrees for placement.  The PVC and CPVC V-Ball (V-Port) valves. V "notch" in 30, 60 and 90 degree options available. Sizes range from 1/4" - 6" in the V-Ball configuration. USA made with with industrial grade PVC.  Ideal solution if carbon steel and stainless still are not an option in your project.

Control Valve Stainless Actuated

Series CV-510 Stainless Steel Body Control Valve

Materials Offered:  304/316 Stainless Steel

Sizing Options:  1/2" up to 2" with additional actuation options (electric of pneumatic)

Key Benefits:  316 stainless steel is rated at 300# (NPT) and can handle temperatures up to 450F. Control valves are ideal for water or steam modulating industries (Chemical, food & beverage, general service, refining and pharmaceuticals).  The control valve series is an industrial valve that is perfect to control flow and handle high pressure environments.  Our control valves are tested and shipped out of our USA factory.  The (stainless steel body) control valves are primary used for steam and water modulating applications and can handle applications with over 50PSI.  Our series control valves have a control close-off feature as well.

Multi-Port 3-Way 4-Way Ball Valve

Series 525-SN 3/4-Way Sanitary Ball Valves

Materials Offered:  316 Stainless Steel

Sizing Options:  1/2" up to 4" with additional actuation options (electric of pneumatic)

Key Benefits:  The multi-port sanitary ball valve is designed with an ISO direct mounts - a smart way to save on the cost of sanitary pipelines and space.  The 525-SN is designed with a cavity filler which will will the body of the valve cavity over 95%, this keeps the internals clean and helps eliminate contamination.  Non-cavity filler is an option for your special use.  Valves with PTFE/PFE coatings are available upon request.

True Union PVC Ball Valve

Series PVC-340 True Union PVC Ball Valves

Materials Offered:  3PVC

Sizing Options:  1/2" up to 4" with additional actuation options (electric of pneumatic)

Key Benefits:  Economical choice for true union ball valves - our PVC ball valves are not only durably and made from a heavy duty material - but also a very affordable and economic option to your project or service need.  These  valves are ideal for the following applications:  water parks, fountains, aquariums, light-duty chemical and waste water.

True Union Three-Way Ball Valve

Series PVC-400 3-Way PVC Ball Valves

Materials Offered:  PVC

Sizing Options:  1/2" up to 4" with additional actuation options (electric of pneumatic)

Key Benefits:  3-way PVC true union ball valves are an industrial grade multi-port valve solution.  Available in various connection ends and the ability to work in the most harsh conditions.  ISO pattern actuation mounting is optional.  Comes standard with handle for manual use, actuation optional, please see our automated valve packages for more details.

Key benefits to Valtorc's water and waste valves include:  high quality stainless steel, carbon steel industrial valves specified at high pressures and high temperature ratings.  Heavy duty valves and actuators capable of withstanding high cycles in extreme conditions and pressures.  Valtorc's AWWA Butterfly Valves and PVC Ball Valves are a key instrument in many pulp and paper industry applications.

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