Kennesaw, GA - Monday, September 25, 2017; The series 390 stainless steel flush bottom tank valve release features a number of port configurations, including standard, full port pipe and full port tube dimensions. There are also a several end connection options available include Tri clamp, socket weld (SW), threaded (NPT), butt weld, 150# and 300# flanged and grooved. Additionally, there are a wide range of seats available, including EPDM, BUNA, PEEK, Derlin, TFE, RTFE, Viton and several others, such as the optional cavity fillers.

Flush bottom tank ball valves are also referred to as drain valves or bottom valves. As the reference suggests, flush bottom tank ball valve release is commonly used to flush out the slurry or liquid from the bottom of huge tanks, receivers and reactors.

Series 390 Flush Bottom Tank Ball Value Details

Available in sizes 1" through 4"

Connection and availability includes:

  • Tri Clamp
  • NPT (threaded) in 150# or 300#
  • Flanged
  • Socket Weld
  • Grooved End

Makes it possible for the pad to be welded directly to the tank without disassembly of the ball valve. Built to allow the ball to extend into the tank creating reduced dead space in which media can accumulate.

Because it's machined from 316L stainless steel, flaws and porosity that are commonly associated with cast materials are eliminated. The stainless steel they are machined with also helps eliminate corrosion. Well suited for actuation and the centering lip characteristic ensures precise alignment of the coupler and bracket stem. In addition, in-line maintenance of the valve can be completed without the need to remove the actuator. Ball valves and their related pads are offered in standard, full port pipe and port tube dimensions, assuring the correct piping system sizing.

Flush Bottom Valve Utilization
Flush bottom valves ensure efficient draining of the liquid and/or slurry from the tank. The distinctive design of the flush bottom ball valve prevents the development of the dead area in the valve, meaning no hold up area in the vessel or tank. This action is established as the ball of the valve will come in the level using the inlet flange. Flush bottom valve release is intended for on/off service and it shouldn't be utilized for throttling solutions. When it comes to installation, with the provided dimensions and installation instructions, customers are assured a trouble-free fitment.

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