Sanitary ball valves emphasize a full bore design that empowers full liquid stream with insignificant pressure drop, making them perfect for taking care of thick fluids or fluids holding particles in the sustenance, refreshment, compound and pharmaceutical commercial ventures. The cutting edge ball valves are live stacked with adjusting toward oneself pressing and a plan that is particularly made for high cycle applications. Valtorc International tri-camp sanitary valves are an elite answer for your mechanical Sanitary Valve needs.

Valtorc ARRA Compliant Sanitary Valves are accessible in sizes extending from 1/2" to 12" in materials, for example, Stainless Steel. Valtorc Sanitary Valves are likewise accessible in sanitary butterfly valve structure, 2 Way or 3 Way setups and are accessible in L Port and T Port stream designs. Accessible end associations incorporate Threaded, Socket Weld, Butt Weld and Flanged. Clean ball valves are perfect for sustenance administrations, water, blending, and well being, pharmaceutical and comparable commercial ventures.

Optional cavity filler is accessible on most sanitary valve items. Our sanitary valves are ARRA consistent and constantly delivered out of our USA processing plant area. On the off chance that there is a valve you have address on, or in the event that you don't see a valve that meets your particulars, please contact our deals staff for quick support.

SANITARY BALL VALVE: Valtorc standard clean ball valve accessible 1/2" - 4" produced using high quality 316 Series stainless steel. 1000psi working weight, Tri-Camp closes, with discretionary PTFE pit fillers. It is tried and tested for nourishment and general concoction administration applications.

SANITARY PLUG VALVE: Clean connect valves are accessible to 316 series stainless steel in sizes 1" - 3". Valtorc sanitary attachment valves come in 2-way or 3-path designs with discretionary butt-weld or tri-cinch association closes.

SANITARY 3-WAY/4-WAY BALL VALVE: The arrangement 525-SN sanitary multi-port (3-way or 4-way) ball valve is produced using 316 series stainless steel accessible in sizes 1/2" - 4". The 525-SN is accessible in L/T/X or I port designs with tri-clip, tube weld and amplified tube weld association closes. 100% air tried submerged at 80-100psi.

SANITARY CHECK VALVE: Sanitary weigh valves are offered in sizes 1/2" - 6" with a 316 stainless steel body. Suitable for CIP, working weight up to 150pis and a temperature run between 30f - 225f. Clean tri-clip closes (discretionary butt weld) and standard FDA affirmed Viton seals (EPDM accessible upon solicitation).

CAVITY FILLED VALVE/CAVITY FILLER: Valtorc's depression filled ball valves are accessible in 2-piece flanged, 3 piece flanged and 3/4 way flanged setups. 92% PTFE filler, low torque plan, simple substitution and discretionary valve stem coat.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SANITARY BUTTERFLY VALVE: The superior clean butterfly valve is offered in sizes up to 12" in manual or impelled bundles. Perfect for sustenance benefits and fulfils USDA and FDA guidelines. FDA affirmed Viton or EPDM choices accessible upon solicitation.

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