After valve installation, it is important to take care of a ball valve and to ensure its proper maintenance. However, in many cases, even when you take great care of the valves to make sure that they function properly, still there might be cases wherein they need replacement.

This could be when the seals are broken or when some damage takes place in the valve. In fact, there can be several reasons for changing a ball valve. But what is important is to be aware of the procedure that is involved in its replacement.

Enumerated below are the few steps that can be followed to replace a ball valve in an easy manner:

  1. Buying the new valve and other supplies: You have to begin with this step. It is necessary to have all the essential things that you would need to replace the ball valve, before you take the old valve out. Thus, buy the new valve along with the supplies that are required. Ascertain the type of pipe, whether it is made up of copper, PVC, etc. Depending upon the type of pipe, you will have to buy the other necessary supplies.
  2. Turning off the water supply: The next step should be shutting off the water supply completely. Once this is done, you should then turn on the faucet, so that all the water that is sitting in the pipe comes out of the pipeline.
  3. Taking the old valve out: For removing the old valve from the pipe, you can use a hacksaw. Ensure utmost caution while you cut the pipe with the hacksaw and take the valve out of the pipe carefully, without damaging anything.
  4. Splicing the pipe & placing the new valve: After removing the valve, measure the opening to fit in the new valve and splice the new pipe with the old one. After this, put the new ball valve in place and close the pipe with the coupler.
  5. Checking the new valve: Once all the above mentioned steps are followed, turn the water and the faucets on. Make sure that the valve is working fine and there is no leakage. If you detect that there is some leakage, then take the corrective action to fix it immediately.
  6. In case, there is no leakage then turn off the water supply and seal the pipes back into the wall they are placed in. If necessary, you should repair the wall with a little paint and spackle.

By following these simple steps you can easily replace a ball valve. So, go ahead and buy your new ball valve and the necessary materials to replace the old valve. There are various manufacturers that offer great and durable valves. Contact them today and get the right products for your use, without any delay!

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