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Fire Safety Valves & actuators

Our fire safe, fusible link valves are available in ball valves and butterfly valves for maximum configuration.  Fusible link valves are available in sizes from 1/4" - 4" (for ball valve series) and 3" - 24" for our butterfly valve series.  All fusible links are FM approved and have a temperature range of 165F - 300F.  Fusible link valves are available in stainless steel, carbon steel and ductile iron and made in America.  Industries served include:  petrochemical, oil, gas and nuclear.  Don't settle for the cheap competition - get a high quality American made product from Valtorc International - the fastest and most economic choice for fusible link fire safe valves.  Our fusible link fire safe valves are ARRA compliant and always shipped out of our USA factory location.  If there is a valve you have question on, or if you do not see a valve that meets your specifications, please contact our sales staff for immediate assistance.





fusible fire safety lock out valve product





Fire Safe Valve Series Breakdown:

 Fire Safe Ball Valves  Fusible Link Packages Actuator Products
Other Products
Series 480 Fire Safe Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Series 190 Fire Safe Flanged Ball Valve
Series 170 Fire Safe Threaded Ball Valve
Series 160 Fire Safe Carbon Steel Ball Valve
Series 300 Fire Save Trunnion Ball Valve
Fusible Link Butterfly Valve
Fusible Link Threaded Ball Valve
Fusible Link Flanged Ball Valve
Fusible Link Actuator Package

Explosion Proof Actuator
Explosion Proof Limit Switch
Explosion Proof Positioner

Series 240 Spring Return Handle
Series 300 Fire Safe Tripple Offset Butterfly Valve
Series 940 Fire Safe Lock Out Kits
Series EQ100 Fire Safe Earthquake Valves


Fire Safe ball valves and fire safety related products

Valtorc USA  designs and manufactures products that are used to reduce facility damage  and insurance costs,  while protecting the safety for the plant's employees and the surrounding suburbs . The manufactured products that are portrayed here,  includes fire safe fusible link assemblies for emergency shutdown, spring return handles that shut the valves off automatically in case of fire or people forget to shut the valves, and lock-out devices for both automated and manual valves.

Standard Features and Benefits OF FIRE SAFE VALVES

  • Blowout Proof Stem
  • Anti Static Device
  • Fire Safe Seat Design
  • Rubber O-Ring Stem Sealing - Maintains stem alignment, reduces packing side-loading and wear enhances stem seal performance.
  • Double Body Sealing Ensures Positive Body Joint Sealing Against Pipeline Stresses
  • Multiple Stem Sealing
  • Graphite Body Seals
  • Live-Loaded Graphite Stem Packing - Spring energized stem seals self-adjust to compensate for wear pressure and temperature changes ensuring a leak-tight seal and extending service life.
  • Specially designed seats and seals in a variety of materials to suit specific applications.
  • Fire Safe Design Confirms to API 607
  • Direct Mounting ISO 5211 Pad fits a wide range of actuator sizes
  • Design standard API 6D, BS EN ISO 17292 and ANSI B16.34
  • Multiport Fire Safe Ball Valves, Valves with Extended Stems, Valves for Underground Applications etc. also available on request.
  • Investment Cast - High quality investment castings improve dimensional control and reduce porosity.


Valtorc USA Fire Safe Ball Valves are generally supplied with manual hand lever or gear actuator operated, depending on valve size. We also offering Ball Valves with Pneumatic Single Acting Actuator, Pneumatic Double Acting Actuator, Rotary Actuator, Quarter Turn Actuator or Electrical actuator operated for automation.


Valtorc USA's Process Valves & Automation Fire Safe Design Ball Valves are also available with different type of Seat, Seal & Packing material such as P.T.F.E. (Virgin) / Glass Filled P.T.F.E. / Carbon Filled P.T.F.E. / Graphite (Grafoil) to suit special requirement of client.


  • Extended Bonnet Type
  • Antistatic Device
  • Steam Jacketed Type
  • Partial / Full Jacketed Ball Valves
  • Handle Locking Arrangement
  • Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Operated Ball Valve
  • Flame Proof/Explosion Proof/Weather Proof Limit Switches
  • Flame Proof/Explosion Proof/Weather Proof Solenoid Valves
  • Air Filter Regulators
  • With Tubing / Fittings
  • Tailor Made Ball Valve

Please specify below details at the time of quotation:

  1. Types of Valve
2. Pressure Rating Class
3. Valve Size
4. Type of End Connection (Flanged/Screwed/Welded End)
5. Drilling Standard, If Flanged End
6. Material of Construction
7. Trims (Internal) Parts Material
8. Flow Medium (Service)
9. Design Pressure
10. Operating (Working) Pressure
11. Design Temperature
12. Operating (Working) Temperature
13. Type of Operation Manual / Pneumatic / Electrical Etc.

In addition, we have helpful resources below to help you find the perfect fire safety valve for your next project:

Fusible Link Installation Guide

Fusible Link With Gearbox

  1. Remove the red safety link and disengage the gearbox to activate valves (armed).
  2. Fusible links should be changed annually.
  3. The valve can not be manually operated, it must remain open 100%
  4. Do not tighten nuts on to the fusible links.  Doing so could cause a malfunction
  5. Keep the red link handy for valve maintenance.

Fusible Link Without Gearbox

  1. Remove the red safety link after installation
  2. Fusible links should be changed annually.
  3. The valves can be manually operated.
  4. Do not tighten nuts on to the fusible links.  Doing so could cause a malfunction
  5. Keep the red link handy for valve maintenance.

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