Our electric actuator and pneumatic actuator accessories work hand in hand with our actuated products.  Browse below over our limit switches, valve positioners and various other upgrades and options (both in explosion proof and non-explosion proof).  Our actuators accessories are ARRA compliant and always shipped out of our USA factory location.  If there is an actuator accessory you have question on, or if you do not see a valve that meets your specifications, please contact our sales staff for immediate assistance.

Please note:  If you're looking for solenoid valves for your actuated valve packages, browse our solenoid valve page under "valves" or click here

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Actuator Accessories

general-purpose-gold-solenoid-valve Rating: 5/5

General Purpose Solenoid Valve

General purpose gold standard solenoid valve with 100% duty cycle, manual override and a dual coil. Available in NEMA4/7 with a NAMUR type 5-way valve. Optional NEMA7 explosion proof coil.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

air-booster-actuator-valtorc-series-ab102030 Rating: Not Rated Yet

Air Booster

The series AB-10,20 and 30 is an actuator air booster with 1/4" or 3/8" ports and is mounted between the positioner and actuator. This model provides the actuator with a high air flow output whose pressure corresponds exactly to the signal pressure.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

declutchable-gearbox-operator-package Rating: Not Rated Yet

Duclutchable Gearbox Operator

The duclutchable gearbox operator is designed to work with butterfly valve, ball valve and plug valve packages that are configured with high pressure pneumatic actuators for operation and open/close positions. Small in size, light in weight and the gearbox operator has a protection grade of IP65.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

lsn4-front-side-picture-1 Rating: Not Rated Yet

Limit Switch - Valve Position Monitor

Valve position monitor and limit switch actuator accessories are made of a aluminum die cast body that has been powder coated for protection. 2x 1/2" conduit entries, NAMUR mounting as a standard and fully adjustable spring loaded cams. Corrosion resistance and durable.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

stainless-steel-limit-switch-positioner Rating: 5/5

Stainless Steel Limit Switch - Valve Position Monitor

The stainless steel limit switch and valve position monitor is a high quality product with a compact and heavy duty body. A very cost effective solution to any actuated valve package. The valve positioner is highly visible and the limit switch is designed for easy wiring and installation.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

explosion-proof-limit-switch-aluminum-body Rating: 5/5

Explosion Proof Limit Switch

Explosion proof limit switch with aluminum housing and shatter proof dome. UL listed for both NEMA4, NEMA4X and NEMA7/NEMA9. Color coded for easy wiring, cams are serrated to lock together ensuring settings are secured against vibration.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

explosion-proof-stainless-steel-limit-switch Rating: 4/5

Explosion Proof Limit Switch - Valve Position Monitor (Stainless Steel)

Explosion proof stainless steel limit switch and valve position monitor with NEMA 4X, NEMA 7X and IP66 standards and BUNA O-Rings. Optional 316 stainless upgrade available on all 304 stainless steel models.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

in-line-fitting Rating: Not Rated Yet

Molded In-Line Fitting Remote Mount Display

The meter’s accuracy is affected by disturbances such as pumps, elbows, tees, valves, etc., in the flow stream. Install the meter in a straight run of pipe from any disturbances. The distance required for accuracy will depend on the type of disturbance.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

svp-2000-smart-positioner Rating: Not Rated Yet

Valve Smart Positioner (RA/DA)

Valtorc's Valve Smart Positioner is available in reverse acting (RA) or direct acting (DA) configurations. Compact design and vast amount of controls for high friction globe and ball valve packages.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

explosion-proof-smart-positioner Rating: Not Rated Yet

Explosion Proof Valve Smart Positioner

Valtorc's explosion proof smart positioner offered with IP66 enclosure, a 4~20mA input signal and explosion proof per EX D IIC T5/6 approvals.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

ss-explosion-proof-smart-positioner Rating: Not Rated Yet

Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Smart Valve Positioner

Valtorc's stainless steel explosion proof smart valve positioner is a class 1, div 1 explosion proof unit. 4-20mA @ 24VDC or 9-32 VDC. Offered in linear and rotary type with easy to read LED screen.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

electric-actuator-battery-back-up-system Rating: Not Rated Yet

Uninterruptible Battery Backup Systems

Valtorc can supply a model UPS9 Uninterpretable Power Supply in a NEMA 4 enclosure for those applications that: require a fail safe valve closure in the event of a power loss. The uninterrupted supply works in conjunction with the actuator to control the valve position on loss of power. A relay control mounted inside of the actuator can be set to automatically close the valve or open the valve...

Product Details and Spec Sheet

valve-positioner-vp-10 Rating: Not Rated Yet

Valve Positioner (Pneumatic Style)

Industrial grade pneumatic style valve positioner with three visible positioner stainless steel gauges that are easy to read. 3-15PSI input signal required. Available in rotary or linear types. Precise calibration with simple span and zero adjustments required. Various orifices are available to either increase or decrease flow.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

valve-positioner-vp-20 Rating: 4/5

Valve Positioner (Electro-Pneumatic Style)

Electro-pneumatic valve positioner available in rotary or linear configurations and a 4-20mA input signal. Made from a heavy duty aluminum body and stainless steel gauges are a standard. Certified for ATEX and resistant to corrosion and vibration. Precise calibration with a simple span and zero need for adjustments. Explosion proof classification below.

Product Details and Spec Sheet

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