Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve [Series 1400]

Investment cast, stainless steel butterfly valve is available in wafer and lug style types. Sizing between 1 1/2" - 12" with RTFE coated stainless steel bushings. Available with stainelss steel lever handle, stainless steel gearbox or direct mount stainless steel pneumatic actuator. The butterfly valve also includes an anti-static pin spring, eliminating the possibility of static discharge.
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Manufacturer: Valtorc
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Series 1400 (RTFE & Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Body)

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The stainless steel butterfly features a investment stainless steel body and disc.  Stem sealing is accomplished by utilizing the seat as the primary seal.  The back up ring keeps the seal stationary.  This butterfly valve is also designed with an anti-static pin and spring to eliminate any possible static discharge due to the isolation of the stem and disc from the valve body.  The combination of these feature make this series of valves and excellent and ideal choice for applications in aggressive atmospheres and harsh wash down situations - often incurred in food plants.

Lever Gear or Pneumatic/Electric Actuation Optional

Valtorc International introduces a new line of butterfly Valves featuring an Investment Cast Stainless Steel Body and Disc. Sizes range from 1.5" to 12.0" in both Wafer and Lug. These valves have the same basic features as the standard series 1400 valve, but incorporates RTFE Coated Stainless Steel Bushings, Stainless Steel Q-Pin Retainer Plate, and available Stainless Steel Lever Operator, Stainless Steel Gear Operator or Direct Mount Stainless Pneumatic Actuator.

Full Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve Body in Wafer or Lug Configurations

This product is also furnished with an Anti-Static Pin and Spring, eliminating the possibility of static discharge due to the isolation of the stem I disc from the body by the seat and stem bushings. The combination of all these features (make this series of valves an excellent choice for applications in Aggressive Atmospheres and in Harsh Wash down Situations often incurred in Food Plants.

  • Available in wafer or lug butterfly valve types
  • Investment stainless steel body and stem design
  • Sizes from 1 1/2" - 12"
  • Designed with RTFE coated stainless steel bushings
  • Stem sealing by utilizing the seat as a primary seal
  • Double O-ring design isolates top bushing
  • Anti-static pin and pring eliminate static discharge
  • Available stainless steel lever, gearbox or actuator
  • Stainless steel Q-pin retainer plate
  • Seat materials include: NBR, EPDM, Silicon and Viton
  • RTFE and stainless steel bush with stainless steel spring pack.

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